Every Question Answered About The Amazon Baby Registry - Tulamama (2023)

In the world of baby registries, the Amazon Baby Registry is the undisputed king. It is huge! You can find just about anything you want on there. It’s extremely convenient and for the most part, the Amazon baby registry offers the best deals.

Despite being king, there are lots of questions you may have about the Amazon baby registry.


  1. How To Do An Amazon Baby Registry Search?

Follow this link to search theAmazon’s Registry Database.

Type in the new mom’s name or email, and click SEARCH. The more information you can enter, the narrower the search results will be.

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  1. How Does The Amazon Baby Registry Work?

The Amazon Registry works like any other registry – but it’s strictly online. You

(1) create a registry of things you’d like to receive as gifts for you and your baby; you

(2) let people know about your registry; and

(3) they buy it for you.

The difference between the Amazon baby registry and other registries is that Amazon’s selection is HUGE. It allows you to sort through thousands of baby and maternityEvery Question Answered About The Amazon Baby Registry - Tulamama (2)-related items to add to your registry. As you find what you want, you simply click the “Add To Baby Registry” Button.

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Once you have done that, Amazon gives you a link that you can share with your friends and family, (and also on your baby shower invitations.) People can now easily find your registry and buy from it.Every Question Answered About The Amazon Baby Registry - Tulamama (4)

  1. Why Should I Create My Baby Registry At Amazon?

Free Welcome Box

An Amazon’s Baby Registry comes with a free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome box. You get this just for creating your registry. It is valued at $35, and it has great goodies for baby and mommy. Every Question Answered About The Amazon Baby Registry - Tulamama (5)

Easy To Create

The registry is really easy to create and organize an Amazon’s baby registry. Amazon offers lots of guides, tips, and tricks. They also give you a jumpstart checklist, where they offer suggestions on what you may need. You can even search through other people’s registries for instant inspiration.

Not really sure what to add to your registry? Amazon’s baby registry has a checklist, right inside the registry to help guide you. Also, most products sold on Amazon come with customer reviews, to help you make buying decisions.

Excellent Variety

Everything that you need as a new parent, is available on Amazon. They carry the largest selection of baby registry items. Period. The Target Registry is great and so is Walmart, but when it really comes down to it, Amazon simply has more variety to choose from. That’s because Amazon has a ton of 3rd party sellers on their platform. Sure, Walmart has that too but there’s not much of a comparison in terms of scale. If variety is a big deal for you, no other registry can beat the amazon baby registry.

Free Shipping With Prime

Amazon’s shipping is free if you have Prime, or free for purchases over $25.

Easy For Friends And Family To Buy From The Registry:

The registry is easy and hassle-free. Anyone can shop off your registry, from anywhere – even internationally. If you make it easy for people to buy things on your registry, they will buy.

Manage You Registry On-The-Go

You can manage your baby registry on the go with Amazon’s mobile app.

Free Parenting Ebooks

Amazon offers a limited amount of Free Parenting ebooks. This perk does not include paid books.

The Registry Is Easy To Share

Once you set up your registry, it’s easy to email friends and family to let them know about your baby registry. The Amazon’s Baby Registry Databaseis huge but it’s relatively easy for people to find your registry.

Free Digital Thank You Cards

If you choose, Amazon will send out digital thank you cardsto everyone who purchases something from your baby registry. This is a great perk! It saves you a lot of time.

Easy To Track Purchases

When someone buys anything from your registry, it automatically goes into your “Thank You List”. This is great, and it means you don’t have to keep track of anything. Amazon tracks what was purchased, and by whom.

Good Customer Service

Amazon’s customer service is good and reliable.

Click here to start your Baby Registry, and claim your free Amazon Baby Welcome Box

  1. How Do I Get The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box?

The Amazon registry welcome box is filled with mommy and baby goodies worth $35, and it’s available to select customers. Here’s all you need to do to get one for yourself:

  • You need to be an active Amazon Prime account member. Being an Amazon Prime trial member counts as well.
  • You’ll need to create and complete a baby registry checklist; and
  • You or someone else has to make a purchase of $10+ from your registry.

Once you’ve done all that, you can CLAIM your welcome box.

Every question answered plus easy instructions onHow To Get Your Amazon Registry Welcome Box

Here’s an idea of what you get in an Amazon baby welcome box.

  1. What is the Amazon Baby Registry Completion Discount?

The Amazon Baby Registry offers a10%completion discount. However, if you haveAmazon Prime, your discount will be bumped up to a 15% completion discount.

If you created your baby registry without Amazon Prime, but then decide you want that extra 5% discount, you can join Amazon Prime any time prior to redeeming your discount to be eligible for 15%.

The Amazon completion discount may be used for orders up to an aggregate of $2,000 USD. You could spend more than $2000 but if you have Amazon Prime, you will not get more than a maximum discount of up to $300 USD.

Your completion discount is offered on select items from your baby registry, 60 days before your baby’s due date, to 60 days after the birth. Amazon will show you a link to redeem the discount as soon as you become eligible. That link will also show you all the eligible items that you can get a discount on.

It is super important that you create your registry early. If your registry was created less than 14 days ago, you will not yet be eligible for a completion discount.

A 15% discount, or even a 10% discount is very welcome to most folks. If you can take advantage of it, you absolutely should! Amazon does have reasonable terms and conditions that apply to the baby registry discount.

All you need to know aboutThe Amazon Baby Registry Discount

  1. What is the Baby Registry Returns Policy?

Amazon offers a 90-day return window on most products purchased from your baby registry. This return window is standard for Amazon, but actually quite low when compared to other baby registries. Target gives you a year to return baby registry items.

A HANDY TIP: As your baby shower gifts arrive, save your packing slips. Perhaps you could tape it to the gift. This will make returns so much easier for you because you’ll have the order id number handy.

  1. Can You Use Coupons On Your Registry?

Amazon is really great at offering discounts and coupons all the time. They have an actual coupons page, that you can access anytime to see if there is anything you might like.

Amazon also has a ton of 3rd party sellers, which makes their platform really competitive. This is great for you because those vendors are eager to get your business. As such, they offer great deals too!

  1. How Does the Amazon Universal Baby Registry Work?

The Universal Baby Registry is a great feature. It allows you to put things on your registry, that is not actually on Amazon.

Whatever is not on Amazon, you can still add to your registry by installing Amazon’s free Assistant app. It’s an extension that’s super easy to install. When you see something online that you’d like to add to your baby registry, you simply click the button (which lives at the top of your browser), and it gets added to your wish list.

If someone is looking through your baby registry, they will notice non-Amazon items listed. If they decide to click the button to purchase an item, they’ll be given the option to “reserve” the item for purchase before they are taken to the website where the item is sold. This is great because others will know that the gift is spoken for. When someone reserves the item, it indicates their intent to buy it.

Do keep in mind that items from the universal registry take place outside of Amazon. That means, no Amazon payments or shipping, returns, customer service, Amazon’s A-Z guarantee, etc. It takes place entirely outside of Amazon. Also, anything you add from a universal registry, will not be eligible for Amazon’s completion discount.

Click here to start your Baby Registry, and claim your free Amazon Baby Welcome Box


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