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When children go to a birthday party, one of the things they look forward to is their return gift! The return gift possibilities are endless. mycity4kids makes this search easier by providing you with a list of best places where you can buy return gifts in Hyderabad for your child's birthday party.


Where: 405, Sree Nilayam, Plot No.336, Lanco Hills Road, Manikonda.

What better return gift than a book! KidEngage has a curated collection of interesting books of all kinds for all ages. They also offer science and crafting kits, which are a perfect return gift for any age group. They also help and suggest books that go with your party theme.

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Shraddha Extension

Where: 9-1-187, St. Johns Road, Besides Apollo Hospital, Secunderabad Station Road

Shraddha Extension has a good variety of birthday party return gifts, large selection of gift bags, balloons with your favorite characters and wrapping papers. And the best part is they offer wholesale prices! They have a good parking space too! So grab a shopping cart and indulge in hassle-free birthday shopping.

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Prakash Party Shop

(Video) Return Gifts for Birthday Parties Starting at Rs7 చిన్న పిల్లలకు ఇలాంటి గిఫ్ట్స్ చాలా బాగా నచ్చుతాయి


General Bazaar, Secunderabad.

Rocking Parties, KPHB Phase III, Kukatpally.

Rainbow Party Shop, 14, Pipe Line Rd, Praga Tools Colony, Suchitra.

Prakash Party Shop is one place where you can buy quality items at a reasonable price. The wide range of return gift items include collection of games, toys, soft-toys, puzzle games, stationery items, battery operated toys, accessories and other gift items. The store is known for providing everything from unique and creative party needs to spectacular range of return gifts as well as various forms of exciting entertainment services. They also meet your various party decoration needs like photo booth props, return gifts and invitations.

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AHA Stuff

If you are confused about which toy or game to buy as return gift; then don’t worry, we suggest you other options too! Aha! Stuff is an organically grown boutique firm based in Hyderabad. It is a merchandise website with a difference. You can buy a beautiful artwork poster, notebooks, magnets, wristbands and t-shirts. You can choose artwork from a wide range of materials including paper, ceramic, metals, fabric, glass and wood. The company currently sells only through its website and is all set to launch its store by the year end. They are also coming up with a comic magazine (with their own designed cartoon characters) next month.

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Decathlon Uppal, Opposite to Spark Hospital.

Decathlon Shamshabad, Opposite to GMR Aero Towers, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Decathlon Kompally, Survey No. 48/2, Madapu Estate, Beside Sorojini Gardens.

Decathlon has become the most popular place for every sports related requirement all across the country. You can buy amazing sports accessories like swimming accessories, a wide range of balls, and skating accessories for your little one’s birthday party. It also stocks a variety of sports bags, backpacks, water bottles, wristbands suitable for all ages. This is one of the must visit places for your sports themed birthday party.

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If you are planning to buy personalized return gifts, you can check these places:

Once Upon A Time

Where: House No. 571, Road No. 92, Jubilee Hills.

At Once Upon a Time, Neha Rajgariah offers exclusive return gift items. Neha suggests gift items and packing concepts which are very unique. She does theme based return gifts to grace your birthday party. Garden tool kit fairyland birthday and hungry caterpillar theme, remote cars and paint your own car kit for car theme, tinker bell tea cup set for butterfly theme, mermaid themed photo frame with instant photo for mermaid theme are some of the unique concepts she has done for birthday parties. The product range includes birthday invites, welcome gifts, decor items and return gifts. The interesting props, creative DIY birthday return gifts, customized invites and themed décor are sure to surprise you. They even double up as party planners with fun activities and décor for kids and an exclusive story telling session for your party.

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Aashiana Home Décor

(Video) Begum bazar wholesale return gifts for all occasions with price#Engagement||House hold

Where: Flat no. 402, Arihant Sadan, Street no. 10, East Marredpally, Lane adjacent to Shenoy Nursing Home.

At Aashiana Home Décor, Mahima suggests gifts which look amazing and are extremely useful to children of all ages. It is a hub for personalized gift articles for your birthday party as per your theme. You can buy gifts in bulk or single pieces. Personalized bedding sets for kids, pouches, lunch bags, baby bedding, towels, folders, passport holders, cushions, etc are some of the items which you can get personalized with cartoon characters and kids’ names or photos printed on them.

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Party addiction

Where: Plot no 81, Vinayaka Nagar, above HDFC Bank, adjacent to Sardarji’s Dhaba, Gachibowli

At Party Addiction, you can be sure to grab a bunch of gifts which are exclusively done for your party! You can buy return gifts, get them personalized gift wrapped with name and photos on printed on them. They offer you a wide range of gift items (toys, games, accessories, stationery items) suitable for all age groups to choose from.

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You can also hunt the big malls in the city:

Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar has a good collection of puzzles, battery operated toys, stationery items, sports and other accessories and cars. You just have to work on the budget, theme and age group, and you get a lot of option in each category.

Hyderabad Central Mall

(Video) Wholesale stationary lunch boxes water bottles/ return gifts birthday gifts in begambazaar hyderabad

Hyderabad Central Mall is house of all sorts of age appropriate games and toys. You can choose from a wide range of options available here.

If you are looking for price advantage or bulk quantity, you can visit the popular wholesale markets in the twin cities to buy return gifts:

General bazaar

General Bazaar is the most sought after place in Secunderabad to fulfill all your birthday needs: balloons, décor, props, ribbons, masks, caps, invitations, party poppers, disposables and return gifts. You can buy everything in bulk quantity at wholesale rates or opt for small quantity at a normal market price. It’s a good bargain market. Parking is a major issue here so plan your trip accordingly so that your vehicle is not toed by the traffic police van.

China Bazaar

Located in almost every area of the city, China Bazaar offers all sorts of gift options at comparative prices. You can buy single piece or in bulk, the price remains the same.


Aziz Plaza in Philkhana houses plethora of shops selling birthday party items which includes decorations, return gifts, gift wrapping paper, a wide range of toys, etc. Apart from Aziz Plaza, there are many small and big shops which sell variety of return gift items. It’s a good bargain market.

Apart from the above mentioned shops, there are many other shops in the city which deal with birthday party needs including return gifts. Click here to know about more shops.

If you are planning to buy toys as return gifts for your child’s birthday,click here to know more about toy shops in Hyderabad.

Latest trend is to give cupcakes and/or chocolates as return gifts. Click here to know more about best bakers in Hyderabad.

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You can also buy return gifts online from amazon, returngiftwala and crossword.

If you know of more places, write to us at omseema@mycity4kids.com


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